K-DISK Advantages

  • Thicker Membrane

  • Easy Handling

  • Bidirectional

  • No "Tacoing"

  • 3 Year Shelf Life

  • Organically Manufactured

    Manufactured with no chemical additives interacting with the placenta. Dehydrated through a pressure based, warm room requiring no man made/manufactured heat. Consistent quality and patient comfort.

  • Tissue Recovery

    All tissue is recovered from pre-screened, healthy, living donors during cesarean childbirth. Donor selection, tissue recovery and processing protocols adhere to all tissue banking standards to ensure patient safety, and are in accordance with standards, regulations, statutes and/or directives of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other licensing and/or the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Member Benefits

IncentivEYES® Member Rebate Program for PECAA Max Members:

$25 per K-DISK if a total of 6 to 11 purchased in the quarter
$50 per K-DISK if a total of 12 or more purchased in the quarter

Free Shipping

Free 2-Day Shipping on any order of 6 or more K-DISK

Receive 2 Free K-DISKs

On your first order of 6 or more

You will receive a free 8mm and 12mm K-DISK on first purchase. The Free K-DISKs will be added to your order after check out, you will get an email confirmation with the updated order.

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